Charlotte Baladi Photography - family photographer London and the South East

Charlotte Baladi photography, a family photographer london, offers a photographic service specialising in family portraits covering London and South East England.

As a family photographer I steer away from the traditional family portrait in the studio and offer a more artistic approach to my subject matter. Implementing my skills as a documentary photographer I take a more natural photographic approach, capturing my subject naturally and sincerely in their home environment in the form of a narrative or on location where one can be relaxed and spontaneous. I work in both colour and black and white.  

There is the option for a studio portrait but I take it beyond the confines of a white backdrop. Each shoot is tailored to the individual, taking into account hair and eye colour and complexion.

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To request a quote and for more information on my services please click below and give me a detailed description of what you request and your budget.

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